The Quiktrak offices will be closed from Tuesday 24th December 2019 until 6th January 2020. During this time emails will be checked daily for and All emergencies should contact 1300 885 461. We wish all of our clients a happy and restful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

About Us

QuikTrak is a market leader in GPS tracking, fleet management, security and recovery solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a proven track record in asset recovery. We understand that all businesses are unique, and as such, we provide customisation to create the solution that best suits your needs. Through the continued development and enhancements of our hardware, firmware and software offerings, QuikTrak is able to innovate and ensure the latest technology and offerings are available to you. Quiktrak has solutions for a wide range of applications, including.

QuikTrak operates on INTELLIGENT MULTI NETWORK SWITCHING (IMNS) sim technology, allowing them to operate on over 192 networks globally, providing unrivaled national and international coverage. Within Australia, your QuikTrak solutions will access all major networks to maximise coverage when it matters most.



QuikTrak solutions can be used in a wide range of applications through our PORTABLE, INSTALLED and OBDii solutions such as



Personal, Fleet or Commercial



Fleet and Commercial



Yachts, Trailer, Penned vessels and Jetski's



Excavators, Front end loaders, Diggers, Mowing equipment and more



Road, Offroad, Scooters, ATV's and Road/Trail



Elderly, Children, Staff and Security

With the pace of the modern world, it is essential to have an easy and efficient way to ensure the security of our assets and our loved ones. This is why, in addition to our web portal, QuikTrak has developed smartphone applications so you can access your account on the go.


Gps Benefits

GPS solutions have been proved to provide short-term and long-term benefits to those individuals and businesses who implement them


Optimise resources

Locating staff and your assets can be time-consuming, QuikTrak solutions display all of your assets on one easy to use interface.


Customer service

Improve customer service by providing up to date locations and estimations of arrival times.


Improve efficiency

Reduction in staff time to record mileage, travel time and on-site times help to reduce overall operating expenses and improve efficiency.


Reduce fuel costs

Reduction in excess fuel usage or being able to identify the abusive use of fuel cards allows you to reduce your fuel costs considerably.


Reduced operating costs

Allowing for on-time servicing, route review and improved accountability all help to reduce unnecessary expenses or additional costs.


Improved billing accuracy

Helping to provide location and duration you can verify staff hours and client billing.


Improved staff safety

Monitoring driver fatigue, speed and vehicle usage help to identify poor driving behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents.


Reduce insurance costs

Many insurers provide discounts for assets fitted with GPS solutions.

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